Membership & Subscription Fee

  • New Member Enrollment Fee:
    for Management Level Officers: BDT 10,000.00
    for Operation Level Officers (2nd/Off, 3rd/Off, 3rd/Engr. 4th/Engr.): BDT 5,000.00
    for Junior Off/Engineer: BDT 1,000.00
    for Trainee and Cadet: BDT 500.00
  • Subscription Fees:
    Subscription Fees for All Regular members-
    (those who did not pay the subscription fee yet) will be calculated BDT 100.00 Month from January 2017.

    Subscription Fees for All Regular members-
    All the regular members have to pay the monthly subscription fees BDT 100.00

    Association is open to all Seafarers nationally and globally irrespective of institutional background, capacity and company.