The importance of encouraging women to work in the maritime sector has been generally acknowledged across countries. Many women seafarers in Bangladesh are not unionized, particularly if they’re employed on a casual or temporary basis. This means they can’t exercise their union rights. Beyond the 2%’ of women said to be working among the 1.2 million seafarers globally.

Transport unions need both women and young workers to be their driving force now and for the future; young workers need unions to back the fight for secure and decent work. Being an affiliated union of International Transport Workers’ federation Bangladesh Merchant Marine Officers’ Association has worked over the years to form separately Youth and Women Committee to create space for the Future Leadership. In view of that a Meeting was called on 9th January, 2023 at its temporary Dhaka office (6/A/1, Ali, Eskaton Garden Road). A group of interested young Male and Female Marine officers has agreed and shown their interest to carry on the present movement of the BMMOA for the better life of the Bangladeshi seafarers. It was anonymously decided a youth and women wing of BMMOA need to be formed.

Purpose and Objective for the Formation of BMMOA WOMEN COMMITTEE:

The BMMOA is calling on employers, the ILO and trade unions to priorities the following issues that have been identified as vitally important for women seafarers:

Reducing gender stereotypes within the industry

Provision of sanitary items on board ships

Access to confidential medical advice and the contraceptive and morning-after pill

Consistent and improved approach to maternity benefits and rights

Development of sexual harassment policies and appropriate training, including within cadet training and education.

As per ILO190 and Local labour law as amended the eradication of violence and harassment in all forms from the work place.

Training, seminar, conference relevant to stimulate performance, confidence and pursuing new skills to improve productivity.

Formation and Reporting:

BMMOA will initiate nationwide activities to attract youth and women seafarers to the union. A temporary & volunteer working group will be formed to address the issues that they are facing, accordingly interested youth & women among them will be called on.

After Minimum three months of grooming period, a complete subcommittee will be formed & approved under the guidance / Co-ordination of an Executive member from BMMOA.

Initial contact point will be the Co-ordinator of the committee; who will update all the activities to President and General Secretary. Upon guided by them, the Co-ordinator will arrange movements / programs as required.

Financial Support:

Activities of this committee will be approved & funded by BMMOA EC.


BMMOA EC has the right to Alter / terminate the committee anytime if it feels necessary.