The association was formed by the pioneers of Bangladesh Merchant Navy Officers and Engineers after the Independence of Bangladesh.

This was reorganized in 1982 by the then officers and engineers dedicated to the community.

The Association was renamed as “Bangladesh Merchant Marine Officers’ Association” (BMMOA) and registered as a federal bargaining agent in 1986. This is the only registered Association for seafaring officers in Bangladesh. This is open to Bangladeshi Merchant Marine officers and apprentices serving globally ashore & in Maritime related industries.

The Association conducted successful industrial actions and negotiations worldwide in 1979, 1986, and later with the active co-operation from Maritime Union of India (MUI), Singapore Maritime Officers` Union (SMU), UK National Union of Marine Aviation and Shipping Transport, Overseas Union of International Seafarers (OUIS) and ITF.

The Association is a self-motivated voluntary organization having no paid executives. It has been safeguarding the interests and well being of seafaring officers. The primary role of BMMOA is to look after members; employment and working conditions through the terms and conditions as per agreements as available (CBA), protect the rights of seafarers, provide assistance to those in need, upkeep seafarers` interest, and add value to the Maritime community.