We are sharing some of the information (January to June 2022) to give you confidence as proud members of BMMOA.

  • Seafarers Sign-Off Issue, Medical Treatment & Due Wages who were sailing for more than 23 months. BMMOA took all kinds of initiatives to solve all the problems caused to seafarer repatriation, recovery of wages, and recovery of compensations incurred by him for medical treatment & sign-off. He received USD 4,500 from the company. Unfortunately, the Manning Agent tried to block his re-employment but was unsuccessful.
  • Death Compensation and unpaid wages: Sad to say, the notorious Owners/Managers/Manning Agents intended to pay only USD 2000 (Two Thousand) to the family as total compensation. BMMOA directly lodged a Demand to owners/Managers/Manning Agent/P&I for payment of Death Compensation and unpaid wages of the Seafarer. Recovered total compensations amounting to USD 120,000 (BDT: 1,02,30,000) & handed them over to the family.
  • Unpaid Salary and sign-off issue: Complaint for nonpayment of monthly salary by Chief Engineer and other junior ranks. The initiative was taken by BMMOA and the dues were paid by the Company. Total of ten complaints during this time related to unpaid salary.

The threats of manning agencies were very strong, but the seafarers persisted in their belief in the BMMOA and ultimately won. There was a time when sailors were helpless against the agency Syndicate, but now those days are completely over.